Ares® Licensing Pricing 2014

Annual Plan
Simply cost-effective
An annual, all-inclusive license for ARES Commander Edition 2014,including all updates and Email support.

The highest return on investment: instead of buying a perpetual license you just need to pay 250€/$ to get a full license for one year. You remain free not to renew after and the price includes all the updates and the support for all the duration of your plan.
Rs. 17,500
Order Desk: +91-852 756 99 90
Perpetual License
Full license of ARES Commander Edition 2014
Combined with a free one year subscription for updates and Email support.

Full and perpetual license including one year of updates and technical support.After one year you can continue receiving updates and support by extending your subscription for 199€ or keep using the version you purchased.
Rs. 50,000
Order Desk: +91-852 756 99 90
Flex License
Maximized Flexibility
You can gain the flexibility to share your license among multiple computers by purchasing Flex licenses.

Flex licenses can be shared between concurrent users or computers on a same network to reduce the number of licenses and costs. You may use the same license on different computers but not simultaneously.You may also take away the license for a defined period if you need to work outside the network.
Rs. 63,750
Order Desk: +91-852 756 99 90

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