ARES® Touch Old

The most complete, DWG-based CAD solution for Android® tablets and smartphones.
The ideal companion to create and modify DWG drawings on the go.

Experience the flexibility of Graebert’s Cross-device CAD Experience with ARES Touch, the first and most complete CAD solution ever seen on Android. Create and modify your DWG drawings on tablets and smartphones with more than 150 features and commands.

Discover the Cross-device CAD Experience

At Graebert we noticed our customers own now an increasing number of computers and mobiles devices. Naturally, they want to be able to work from all these devices. Why should they pay a license for each? We see very strong synergies in a highly integrated collaboration between all your devices.

That’s why we decided to bundle ARES Commander and ARES Touch. When you buy one, you get the other at no additional cost and vice-versa:

ARES Commander for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux: Ideal for heavy work at the office or at home because of a higher computing power and larger screen.
ARES Touch can be installed at no additional cost on ALL your Android devices (same Google account).
- Your smartphone fits into your pocket and follows you everywhere. It is the perfect companion to quickly access a drawing from the Cloud or comment and review a drawing on site.
- Your tablet or phablet offers a larger screen. Very easy to carry in one hand, it can be switched on in seconds. As a result it is the perfect device to make a presentation or replace printed paper. It is also very convenient to create or modify drawings on the go.
DWG drawings can be shared and synchronized between ARES Commander and ARES Touch + any other CAD software via Dropbox or Google Drive but also simply by email or USB cable.

The most advanced CAD solution ever seen on Android


We believe you deserve much more than a viewer with limited editing capabilities on your mobile devices. You will probably use computers, smartphones and tablets for different tasks but should not be limited in features.

Some of the key features of ARES Touch include:

Native DWG support: We use .dwg as our main format. You can create and modify drawings in this popular format. No import nor export, you keep the highest compatibility.
The natural extension of your favorite CAD software: We built an intuitive touch user interface. It has been redesigned for touch but is very intuitive for any CAD user.
High precision: Discover in our video how the loupe, entity snap, tracking and coordinates input help you to draw with the same precision as on the desktop.
150+ commands: The most complete app ever seen for mobile. We also added some unique tools designed for mobile such as Picture Note (insert picture from camera with comments), Voice note, Pack & share…
Advanced programming interface: ARES Touch includes a C++, Lisp, Tx and DCL API. It makes it very easy to migrate applications developed for the desktop.

How to try? How to buy?

There is currently no trial version for ARES Touch. If you like to get it now you may consider one of the 2 following options:

Buy a license of ARES Commander for Windows, Mac or Linux – All our customers receive a 1 year license of ARES Touch. Additional 1 year licenses are granted when they renew their license or subscription.

Get a free access to ARES Touch: Click on the Join now button to get a free invite to use ARES Touch. You will be invited to create a HockeyApp account. HockeyApp is the technology we use to grant you a free access valid until September 30, 2015 but also to push updates and collect your feedback.

Buy ARES Commander and get ARES Touch!

ARES Commander is our DWG-based CAD software for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.