April 2017

Now we have another time saving feature CENTERLINE in ARES Commander 2017. User can create centerline quickly. Use the Centerline command to construct Centerlines. User can set the extension for Centerlines to exceed the entities which define the contour.


The exciting features of this command are:

  • 1.The specific LineStyle for Centerlines is assigned automatically.
  • 2.We can create centerline between non-parallel lines as well.
  • 3.In same command, you can create many centerlines.
  • 4.Extension is trimmed automatically when you create centerline between multiple line in same command.
  • 5. When created in multiple segment then all centerlines will be joined. For more details, visit https://cadblogbyamit.wordpress.com/2017/05/04/ares-commander-centerline/
Product Updates:
ARES Commander SP 1 (Service Pack 1) is ready for Download:

What's New in ARES Commander Release 2017 SP1
  • Improvement in NEW command.
  • "\n" is not recognized as newline in command function of LISP.
  • Grips of dynamic block improved.
  • INFINITELINE and RAY are not highlighted, when the mouse is moved on it.
  • Arrowheads of dimension are improved.
  • Preview image for MOVE command improved in viewport.