August 2016

Graebert Aims to Give Flexible Access to its CAD Users

Recently Germany’s Graebert, a globally leading CAD software company, showed select press progress on its mobile and cloud-based CAD product lines, following an update on its Android-based mobile version, ARES Touch. Part of this effort was to demonstrate rapid progress on its Apple iOS based version of ARES Touch, which the company initiated last year after large Japanese CAD customers communicated they had made their mobile platform preferences choice and it was with Apple. In Japan, where the mega-large companies go, often so goes the rest of Japan. Thus the mandate to accelerate the iOS version of ARES Touch.


: The Apple platforms fully covered from iPhone to Mac

Yet, the Graebert update was more than just showing the company is firing on all cylinders around iOS, they also wanted to communicate their strategic vision around cloud and their passionate position around licensing and use-access flexibility.

It should be noted that Graebert is a standout within the entire CAD industry for being the first to release a native DWG 2D/3D CAD product for all three major computer platforms: Windows, Mac and Linux. Cost-conscious, large, global enterprises have utilized the Linux versions, while Apple’s Mac user-base is now just about at 100 million. Building the capacity to develop for all these platforms has benefitted Graebert at both the OEM and customer level and internally; having this experience has meant it can target various mobile platforms and the cloud with solid multi-platform experience behind it. And having a single common API that targets all these platforms means it can provide its OEM partners the easiest path to migrate solutions to mobile and cloud or OS’s they don’t currently support.

The latest progress images looks extremely promising. ARES Kudo’s user interface has become more streamlined and modern looking, all rendered in a “dark theme” which is reminiscent of many professional applications in industries in addition to CAD like film and animation.

“When released Kudo will be, arguably, the cloud’s most advanced CAD application. More specifically, native DWG CAD application”, says Dr. Robert Graebert, CTO, Graebert GmbH.

ARES Kudo works through any web browser (Google Chrome ideally) and you can now login with your Google account ID. Once logged in for the first time you can “link” common cloud storage providers like Box, Dropbox or Google Drive to your account to gain and storage access for your files. Dr. Graebert notes that Kudo will feature a robust access rights control system but the particular details of that system will not be released until its fall annual meeting in Berlin.

Graebert has already been offering both annual subscription and perpetual licenses. Its approach looks to be aiming at offering more flexibility than its any other CAD competitor, which includes Autodesk, Bentley and other DWG native CAD competitors like Bricsys. Only time will tell where the market wants to be with licensing models, but for now Graebert has every angle covered.