May 2016

Press Conference

Graebert India has organized the Press Conference on April 29th 2016 at its India headquarter in Noida. The participant journalists were from the 11 most reputed leading IT Media & Publications Group alongwith Graebert India Sales & marketing HOD and executive staff. The meeting was led by Surya Sarda, Director- Marketing & Business Development, Graebert India. The journalists learned about Graebert's strategic plans for growth in India and how it is positioning itself to take advantage of the new government initiatives such as Digital India, Smart Cities, and Make In India as well as benefiting from the subscription licensing policies of its closest competitor.

Product News:
Graebert India has Announced SP 1 version
Graebert India has announced its new Service Pack (SP) 1 version, for the improvement of the ARES Commander 2016 CAD product. ARES Commander 2016 SP 1 includes:

  • Printing of drawings with referenced tiff images improved.
  • THUMBSIZE (File thumbnail size) and SDI(Single document interface mode) system variables controls added in Options dialog.
  • Help topics for references path options and aliases for XtraTools commands added.
  • Functionality of FREEZELAYER command refined for blocks.
  • Performance of ROLLVIEW command in ARENDER window improved.
  • Dynamic block handling of non-annotative Multi-View blocks improved.
  • Improved ability to Copy & Paste data from Microsoft® Word document and Microsoft® Excel sheet.
  • System variable OBJECTISOLATIONMODE implemented to control the visibility of hidden and isolate objects between drawing sessions.
  • BATCHPRINT feature introduced to change the order of sheets using Drag & Drop in its dialog.
  • QInput: Better functionality, while working with editing commands.
  • Support of named views in model space viewports in sheet mode.
  • MASSPROP command: Improved functionality for regions.
  • ATTSYNC command: Enhanced features for annotative block handling.
  • Mac OS X: IMPORTDGN command stability improvements for batch process option.