November 2016

Graebert’s Annual Meet 2016

Graebert GmbH has organized the global Annual meeting at Berlin, Germany on October 12th 2016 where the attendees were from various CAD development companies including OEM members of Graebert from all over the world. The theme of this year's conference was "The ARES Trinity for CAD”.

The opening speech was from Wilfried Graebert, CEO, Graebert GmbH. All the products from the Graebert product family were launched here. The new features developed were explained and demonstrated to all the attendees.

With the launch of the three CAD products together ARES Commander, ARES Touch along with ARES Kudo, Graebert has completed its CAD Trinity. New browser-based application joins ARES Commander and ARES Touch to provide interconnected solution for DWG editing across desktop, mobile, and cloud platforms. "With the ‘trinity of CAD,’ our ambition is clearly to offer the best user experience for DWG-based CAD software," said CEO Wilfried Graebert.


The new features of ARES Commander 2017 released:

  • New black UI to match the UI of Touch and Kudo
  • Trim hatches,
  • Path array copies entities along a path entity, such as an arc or spline
  • Actual preview in the Print dialog box (rather than just a letter A in a rectangle); no need to go to the Preview Preview dialog box
  • Split dimension lines that cross other entities
  • Use @ for relative angles,
  • Insert centerline between lines, concentric arcs, and polylines
  • Clean (purge) now cleans "unspecified data"

Advanced ARES Touch was launched that will work on your Android tablests/ smartphones and iOS.

ARES Mechanical was launched especially for the needs of 2D mechanical CAD and for those who occasionally use 3D CAD. So you find typical users for Mechanical in:

-  Factory planning
-  Repair and/or Maintenance
-  Sketches for Offers
-  Documentation
-  2D Detailing

ARES Kudo (beta) was launched as a cloud based CAD technology. "ARES Kudo (beta) is also helping us to bring the benefits of cloud inside our desktop and mobile versions," said Cedric Desbordes, Sales & Marketing Executive, Graebert GmBH. A side panel is coming inside ARES Commander 2017 to access the same hub of files in the cloud that we created for ARES Kudo. The same is coming for ARES Touch.


ARES Kudo users can grant view-only access rights when working with customers and other outside collaborators.

ARES Commander is bundled with both ARES Touch and ARES Kudo as:

  • Sold together with ARES Commander. Buy one you get the others free.
  • 1 year license linked to the Graebert subscription.
  • Shared login for licensing.
  • Several mobile devices for the same user.