OEM Platforms – Overview

Trust an industry leader to create an OEM solution to meet your specific needs

OEM solutions have been Graebert’s specialty since 1994, when we introduced our first CAD kernel. The newest version, ARES® Commander Edition 2013, introduces even more opportunities for our partners. One of the most significant changes: users are no longer dependent on one specific operating system. ARES Commander Edition is the only OEM CAD engine on the market that is compatible with Windows®, Mac®, and Linux platforms.

These are just a few of the additional advantages to Graebert’s OEM solutions:
Utilize our powerful OEM CAD kernel to create your own solution, with your own company and product name,
that you can promote and sell independently
Leverage technology that is continuously updated and optimized by Graebert‘s expert team of CAD developers
Receive full technical support from Graebert throughout the partnership
You decide when you want to implement updates, instead of being told when and how to update your software, giving you increased flexibility
Maximize your profit while offering your customers competitive pricing with Graebert’s product licensing link to ARES licensing page model
Be confident that your technology will always be compatible with the latest DWG standards

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