September 2016

Graebert India Partners with CADD Centre Training Services

Graebert India has entered into a partnership with CADD Centre Training Services to enable CADD Centre to train students and corporate users in ARES Commander Software. As Asia's biggest network of CAD training centers, CADD Centre Training Services is the training arm of the 28 year old CADD Centre Group, head quartered at Chennai, India. With over 520 franchise outlets across 24 countries, CADD Centre has excelled in training over and around one million engineers, graphic artists and management professionals, who are employed globally.
Product News:

Graebert Releases its New SP 3
Graebert has released the new ARES Commander 2016 Service Pack (SP- 3) and ARES Standard 2016 (SP- 3) on 23rd August 2016.

Below the main features:

  • PRINT Command: On HP printers related to "Specify window"-option.
  • PRINT Command: Linewidth settings of print style tables are ignored during printing.
  • PRINT Command: Objects (e.g.Viewports) on turned-off layers are exported to PDF and printer output.
  • Functionality added to calculate additive areas for multiple hatch objects.
  • Annotation editing: The orientation of Notes and SimpleNotes maintained in rotated Custom Coordinate Systems.
  • EXPORTWMF command line version: Entity selection option added.
  • Improved for PDF printers: Printing performance of drawings which contain filled areas (gradients).
  • Added ability to modify the radius of circles with EntityGrips on the Z-plane.
  • Improved visibility functionality of layers which contain the AutoCAD Architecture objects.
  • The functionality of EXPLODE and LAYOUT commands are improved within LISP functions.
  • PERIMETER system variable: Behavior improved to store last perimeter value within LISP functions.
  • SLICE command: Improved capabilities to slice cylindrical solid objects.
  • XREF handing: When external referenced drawings are missing in layout sheets, alert messages are displayed.
  • MacOS X: Stability improvements for modify XRef path and IMPORTDGN command.

Download ARES Commander 2016 (Service Pack 3) from the below link: