ARES® Commander Edition – Updates and New Releases

Our technical team is driven to create the possible best product for our ARES® Commander Edition customers. We are continually testing and enhancing our products. Click on the links below to access a PDF with details about each of our recent releases.

Fall 2012 / ARES Commander Edition 2013
released Nov 12, 2012
Spring 2012
released May 25, 2012

Keep your software up-to-date with a Graebert Subscription

A Graebert Subscription entitles customers to email support and software updates for the duration of their subscription. If you purchased ARES Commander Edition within the past 12 months or if you purchased a Graebert Subscription (previously called ServiceCARD), you may still have coverage.

If your Subscription has expired or is about to expire, it’s easy to purchase a new 12-month Graebert Subscription. This is also a good solution if you have an older ARES Commander Edition license and would like to upgrade to the latest version.

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